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PRO God, Life & Guns

PRO God, Life & Guns


Our "God's Country" Line is a program that gives back to our disabled veterans with an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Within our God's Country program line, we've created 2AA apparel which was designed to represent your freedom of speech and freedom to bare arms. We are proud to provide shirts, hoodies, and hats styles that fits both men, women, and of course our youth.


With each purchase of a shirt, a portion of these proceeds go directly to our non-profit, Survivors of War, where we teach our members reflection, peace, meditation, and comradery. This is how we start their healing process, with God and the great outdoors. There is an unspeakable peace that comes from the stillness of the great outdoors, away from everyday stresses and chaos. A purchase of our shirts is more than just a quick buy, it's an opportunity to save a life.


Sizing & Color varies on - 3XL & up

Children sizes available upon request - (YXS - YXL)


** Dont forget to let us know what American Legion you are member of **