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Check out how buying a shirt, not only supports your veterans but saves families.

Veteran Collection


All veterans from all generations ...

Our Veteran shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and hats are all custom made and tailored to proudly support YOU and your branch of service. We love all of our active duty service members and especially our veterans. Each shirt are customizable and tailored to your enjoyment.

Here at SOW Apparel we are committed to fighting this crazy suicide rate that these brave men & women face daily. We not only create shirts, but each purchased gives back to our Non-profit organization which helps fund and support our programs that directly impact these lives.


Helping our vets 1 shirt at a time.

S.O.W. apparel supports our Veterans in more than just one way. Each purchase of a shirt not only supports the R.E.C. but it provides our Veterans with alternative therapeutic programs, to get them out of their house and in community with other fellow brothers & sisters that served. With each purchase you save lives and also save families. For more information on supporting the cause please visit us SHOW ME MORE

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Let's design your own brand!

We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life on shirts, long sleeves, V-necks, hoodies, sweaters, and much much more. We do a variety specialized orders ranging  from companies, schools, churches, youth teams, Cheer, and fundraising events, etc. We can handle large bulk orders with no problem and fast turnaround times.
Not only can we handle your orders, but we put our Survivors to work. Your order(s) give our men and women the opportunity for purpose to live beyond the chaos of their own minds. You save a life! Our shirts save lives.


Let's customize it ...

We have now expanded our Apparel & Design program to better serve YOU. We now have the ability to offer more for Corporate companies, Church Organizations, School Organizations, Small Businesses, and so much more. If you are an individual who wants to upgrade your at home business or a major company who wants to broadcast their services, we have you covered. We have the ability to custom tailor each graphic or design to fulfil your need.

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