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W.W. Ladies tee

W.W. Ladies tee


This shirt supports our warrior women program which is our self-defense safety class. This program helps empower, teach, rebuild, and builds self-confidence in our women who have been through traumatic violence events as well as those who want to just learn for self-protection. We teach our ladies tools to become more self-confident and be able to live without fear. Showing these ladies that they are strong beyond measures and that with training, accountability, passion, and purpose they can do anything. 


For more information about our programs please visit:

Special sizing available upon request - Size range 3XL & up
Children sizes available upon request - (YXS - YXL)

  • Care Instructions:

    • • Recommended you turn the clothes inside out. 
    • • Machine wash on "cold" with a "gentle cycle".
    • • Tumble dry "Low" or hang dry.
    • • Avoid harsh cleaning detergents.
    • • No bleach.
    • • No softener.
    • • Do not dry clean.
    • • Do not iron.

    ** Washing your clothes in cooler water helps prevent fading for both fabric and the screened colors. To ensure the best protection for your new favorite shirt. Thank you. **

  • Product Information:

    • 60/40 Blend  (Fabric options may vary depending on request, please contact for more information).

    • One of the most popular, premium tees that feels as good as it looks.

    • Sizes 3XL - 6XL may vary depending on fabric selections.

    • Silky, Soft style t-shirts.

    100% customizable … Please contact for more information